1950's Hairstyles

1950's hairstyles saw the re-introduction of romantic femininity. As the rationing of the war was ending and the practical hairstyles for working in factories were no longer as essential, women went back to more stylish glamourous coifs.

Pin curls were also still the rage (as seen above on Elizabeth Taylor) with women curling their hair at night using rollers or rags and then spraying them in place in the morning.

Lucille Ball was a world famous comedic actress who's style is now synonymous with the 50's era, she wore a style called the 'Poodle Cut' shown  on the left.

It was a feminine yet conservative look.

This was her trademark fiery red, super curly style which  was achieved by perming her straight hair. She had a hit show called 'I Love Lucy'  with her husband Desi Arnaz.

More outrages styles came to the forefront such as the popular 1950's Bouffant and Beehive hairdo's.

The Beehive is still worn these days and gives a very elegant classic look to women who dare to pile their hair up teased and sometimes wrapped with a cute headscarf.

The aim was to pile and tease the hair into a cone like shape... in as much of a flattering way possible.

Other styles included French plaits and the use of various head scarves.

Another variation of 'Big Hair' was the Bouffant style where women would back comb their hair whilst leaving the sides out.

Some of the most famous pin curl and bouffant wearers were Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot and the enigmatic Audrey Hepburn amongst many other Hollywood leading ladies.

Audrey Sizzled on the screen in Movis such as 'My Fair Lady', 'Breakfast at Tiffany's and 'Roman Holiday'.

These days you can see celebrities like Amy Winehouse wearing the beehive frequently, althought she has made the hairstyle look a lil'bit 'dodgey' at times!

Singers Duffy and Adele are known for looking to1950's hairstyles for inspiration.

Adele wears the ponytail, chignon and bouffant in some photos.

If you want to see some 1950's styling in action, try watching the original 'Grease' Movie as it was based in the 1950's and shows the various authentic looks of the era.

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