Olá amigo! Dicas sobre Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian Remy hair comes in various textures and grades. You can have virgin Brazlian Remy, which has not been processed with chemicals at all. Also there is a curly type of this hair which some sell as 'Molado/mulatto' hair.

Some people can be offended by this term.

It is a term still used in Brazil for people of mixed black and white parentage.
The curly hair is very soft and strong so is extremely popular mainly amongst ethnic women who want that bouncy curly look.

Straight Brazilian hair extensions have a natural wave to them that is very slight. You can flat iorn them to got that bone straight look.

But don' worry, as soon at you wash them, the wave comes back.

I would say expect genuine virgin brazilian hair to range from brown to deep brunette, if it's bleach blonde for example...then some tampering has been going on!

This hair is A++, better than sliced bread etc.

This hair is for the connoiseurs out there (the experts) with deep pockets because it is expensive and rare.

WHY? Well it is a lot harder to come by and also unlike Indian or Chinese Remy hair, it does not require a silicon or teflon covering to make it silky and glossy which keeps the hair safe. It is naturally all of thsese things which means when you wash it, you won't lose the lustre.

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